Quality Policy

EL-CAB company, whose headquarters is in Bolechowo, was established in 1996. With ambition and hard work the team quickly became important supplier in the cable processing and electric module systems. We offer our clients the highest quality comprehensive services from technical advice to after-sales service.
We work according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO/TS 22163 (IRIS rev. 03).

The liability associated with the policy of the firm and its implementation by existing standards lies with the entire leadership. We are committed to the welfare of every employee. We tried to make everyone feel responsible members of the team and planning and conducting training, showed a positive attitude towards improvement of performance quality, reduce errors, reduce amounts of harmful waste materials and emissions and conserve natural resources. Additionally we carefully observe the market to meet the evolving requirement and familiarize ourselves up to date with all the latest in technology for our industry. All this activities serve to develop the company and the interests that the produced by us products was characterized by high quality, taking into account economic and environmental requirements.
Our main goal is to gain respect and recognition of customers by demonstrating our readiness to satisfy their needs within the current normative and legal requirements. The production of products is based on the Safety Policy to minimise the probability of failure during operation.

We do this by:
- reliable deliveries
- flexible approach
- quickly responses to market needs
- offer competitive price
- "zero defects" policy
- developing the environmental awareness
- hiring highly qualified staff
- an efficient quality and environmental management system
- compliance with legal requirements and another requirements on environmental aspects
- reduction of waste
- pollution prevention
- continuous improvement.

The Board of EL-CAB ensures, that the Integrated Management Quality System is clear and used for each employee for every levels of the organization and actualizations according with the development strategy of the company.