Safety Policy

In order to continuously raise the quality of the services it renders and with care for the well-being of current and potential Clients, EL-Cab Sp. z o.o. hereby establishes and implements the Safety Policy relating to safe product use, for application at the company.

The main goal of the Safety Policy is to assure Clients that EL-Cab Sp. z o.o. does not undertake orders with regard to which it does not have absolute certainty as to its ability to meet all posed quality, legal and regulatory requirements.

The board of EL-Cab Sp. z o. o. also declares that all of its employees are conscious of the fact that the tasks they perform affect the operational safety of the product, and that they are responsible for the product.

In order to achieve the goals mentioned above, the following safety goals are established:

  • offering of products that we are certain meet the quality, legal and regulatory requirements posed by the Client
  • raising the awareness of employees with regard to their impact on the operational safety of the product and railway system
  • development of measures relating to knowledge management with respect to the entire supply chain
  • continuous monitoring and reaction to any potential deviations that may occur during the realization phase.

We declare that this product Safety Policy has been communicated at the company and that its assumptions are checked and verified periodically. We are deeply convinced that the implementation of the above Safety Policy will contribute to raising our current Clients’ satisfaction and will make it possible for us to acquire new Clients thanks to our responsible attitude. We trust that this will bring about strengthening of our market position and economic position in the future.

Board of EL-Cab