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We are on the market since 1996. Our core business is production of electrical harness and electric module systems of vehicles. which covers the following areas:
Products – pieces of equipment for commercial vehicles such as cable harnesses, electric control panels and other components for the automotive, marine and rail.
Sales – we are distributor of products as well as complete systems of known manufacturers from Western Europe. Components to equip buses, rail vehicles, agricultural machinery and construction vehicles, special vehicles, military vehicles and boots.
Services and technical advice for all products and components offered by our company.
We are a modern, dynamic and open for customer needs company, which offer comprehensive services from design, including development of documentation to after-sales service. EL-CAB Sp. z o.o. make the design and implementation of unusual electrical equipment and wiring in special-purpose vehicles (eg bus – mobile blood donation station, bus – Oriflame beauty parlor, a luxurious minivan with special equipment). We do both batch and prototype production.


PhD. Eng. Paweł Kaczalski


Szymon Cofta

Member of the Board, Management Engineer

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1996 - starting business from production of wire harnesses for Neoplan Polska with only 22 employees
1997 - the beginning of trade activity - representation of E-T-A and BEDIA companies
1998 - transfer of the company's seat along-side with the production to Murowana Goslina
1999 - obtainment of the DIN ISO 9001 Certificate and beginning of the cooperation with polish service stations
2000 - the number of employees grows to 150, first serial order for wire harnesses for German industry
2001 - producer of yachts and boats Bavaria Yachtbau becomes our customer
2002 - the opening of the company's branch in Szczepankowo for serial production for motorization
2003 - growth of the employees headcount to 200
2004 - the turnover grows by 40% in production range as well as in trade commodities
2005 - we become the representatives of military companies
2006 - general representation of Mobitec company
2007 - next trade representations of Rosho and Fogtec companies
2008 - further increase of employee headcount
2009 - we obtain the DIN ISO 14001:2004 certificate, building the new company's seat in Bolechowo (area - 4ha, work places - 400)
2010 - we take part in creation of Solaris tram prototype
2011 - we obtain the IRIS certificate for rail industry
2012 - expansion into east markets. Participation in the Busworld Exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod in Russia
2013 - new representations in Germany and England
2015 - 500 employees, new investment - enlargement the production hall & warehouse (1200qm)
2016 - 20th Anniversary of EL-CAB company
2017 - 582 employees (December 2017), new customers from marine industry
2018 - EL-CAB in the "Polish Electric Bus - supply chain for electromobility" cluster
2019 - Technological development - creation of proprietary vehicle equipment systems

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Electric buses - ecological heating and cooling thanks to Aurora systems by El-Cab

With the new generation of BOREALIS heat pumps, Aurora, where R290 refrigerant is used, it is possible to use these pumps safely and efficiently. R290 refrigerant is environmentally friendly and at the same time characterized by high efficiency and is "Blue Angel" certified, which is the oldest and most well-known standard for environmentally friendly products and services on the German market.

El-Cab supports activities aimed at fighting COVID-19

As part of our many-year cooperation with the Polish-German Business Club in Poznań, we had the opportunity to co-author an article on the CSR activities of companies from the Poznań market during the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite you to read it!

PROTECTO and PROTECTO Doppia roller blinds as a protection against coronavirus in public transport

To meet the expectations of both passengers and drivers of municipal transportation, our company is marketing solutions intended to improve the convenience of travel, and above all, safety, during the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

Exhibition schedule

This year, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the fair we were supposed to take part in as an exhibitor has been canceled or moved to next year.