El-Cab company with UL certification for the production of cable harnesses in accordance with UL ZPFW8 and ZPFW2 standards

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is an independent global company that tests and certifies products against safety standards recognized in individual countries. This test is mainly required for the US and Canadian markets. UL performs various types of tests. After successfully passing the tests, the product is awarded the UL Recognized Component Mark, which our company has received for the electrical harnesses we produce.

What does obtaining such a UL certificate mean?
First of all, about the High Quality of the tested products. The certificate allows them to be used as components for end products that can also be UL certified. UL standards are designed to reduce the risk of fire and electric shock when using electrical and electronic products.

Although UL certification is voluntary, El-Cab has decided to apply for this internationally recognized accreditation. In practice, this means, among other things, wider support for our international customers offering their products to the American and Canadian markets.

These are markets that are very demanding as regards the quality and reliability of products, and they are closely supervised in the field of electrotechnical equipment. Obtaining the appropriate permission to place the product on the market, the so-called UL mark, is a necessary condition there.