We participate in social and charity initiatives

We would like to share that, as part of our social, charity and environmental campaign, we have joined the cap collection for the Szlachetny Bohater [Noble Hero] Foundation, which in turn, transfers the collected caps to its wards. You can find more information here https://www.szlachetnybohater.org.pl/. The campaign was met with great interest from our employees, which pleases us immensely. We won’t sponsor a wheelchair or rehabilitation for a sick person with one cap, but this will be possible if we collect several tons of such waste. That is why collecting plastic bottle caps continues to be a popular social, charity and environmental campaign, which is both pleasurable and useful. The collected goods are sold to a recycling company, which processes the caps it buys into recycled material (plastic granulate). A manufacturer may then process the collected waste into new caps, packaging, PVC pipes or computer housings. The money obtained in this manner will then be transferred for treatment, rehabilitation or specialized equipment for people in need. For every kilogram of caps, the plastic buyer pays from PLN 0.50 to PLN 1.00 on average as part of the campaign. Within the framework of the campaigns conducted by the Szlachetny Bohater Foundation, we have also joined the book collection for hospital patients. The campaign has been conducted in partnership with zaczytani.org for 3 years.All donated books will be transferred to hospitals throughout the country in order to create small hospital libraries. We hope that these small gestures on our part will contribute to improving the comfort of life and functioning of patients. We plan to continue such social actions, particularly locally and among employees and their families, who need such assistance.