WARSAW INDUSTRY AUTOMATICA is an event derived from the International Industrial Fair - WARSAW INDUSTRY WEEK, which has been held at Ptak WARSAW EXPO for 6 years with great success. Initially, it was one of the zones of the industrial fair, but seeing its dynamic development, as well as listening to the voices of the industry and the suggestions of exhibitors, an event was separated, dedicated only to the automation and robotics industry.
WARSAW INDUSTRY AUTOMATICA has become a leading event in Poland as well as a place to exchange knowledge and experience in the field of automation and robotics.
Thanks to a wide range of industries, you can learn about innovative technologies and trends, increase your knowledge and skills and change your business.

We will be present on this year edition of in Warsaw together with our partners from Germany, the companies BEDIA and E-T-A. Company BEDIA specializes in production of liquids level sensors, temperature sensors and converters. E-T-A is a world leader in designing and production of equipment used for protection of electrical installations. E-T-A offers this types of products used in aviation, process control, IT and communication technology, medicine, domestic and garden appliance, lathes and CNC machines and robotics.

We invite you to visit our stand on 9-11.05.2023 during the WARSAW INDUSTRY AUTOMATICA in Warsaw.